Get Stylish with Wonderboxes!

Get awesome in-game cosmetics, pets, and particles, and more from our Wonderboxes!

These Wonderboxes are server wide for CliqueClassic! Your pets, cosmetics, and more, will be with you anywhere you go! (Not all items are useable/visible in all areas!)

You can find the items, and percentage of getting each, in the Wonderbox's description. 

Get an item you already had? Don't worry! 

Every time you receive a duplicate item, you'll get .10 CliqueCoin! 

CliqueCoin can be redeemed for an in-store giftcard (1 CliqueCoin = $1 USD)


Most items sold in Wonderboxes ARE NOT AVAILABLE ON BEDROCK! We do not recommend Bedrock players purchase Wonderboxes from our store. Instead, please visit each section individually, (such as suffixes & sprays) in the store to make sure you get items that are available on Bedrock! 

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